Yarn and Loom Rugs is a boutique Australian-owned and operated business, established in 2013 by husband and wife team, Jared and Caroline Robinson,  dedicated to sourcing quality handmade designer, contemporary and transitional wool floor rugs.

We are passionate about interior decoration and we believe that the decisions that home-owners make about colours, textures, patterns and materials when planning to redecorate a room to create an entirely new aesthetic is what makes interior design so exciting.  The finished product is just the bonus!


In a world of homogenised mass production - Yarn and Loom Rugs recognises the artisan skill of rug making and the individual lives it helps to support. 

Therefore, all of our rugs are handmade; whether it is hand-knotted, hand-loomed, hand-tufted or hand-woven – you can be guaranteed that any rug that you purchase from Yarn and Loom Rugs has been individually handcrafted.


All Yarn and Loom Rugs are based on renewable materials such as wool, bamboo, jute and cotton.  A large proportion of our rugs are manufactured in 100% New Zealand Wool, the ultimate renewable fibre - growing continuously on a sheep’s back all year round.

At the end of the rugs useful life, the pile from wool carpet can be returned to the ground, where the nutrients released as it decomposes promote further grass growth, and the natural production cycle starts all over again. 

Wool is world renowned for being a sustainable natural fiber with outstanding beauty and performance.


Yarn and Loom Rugs are continually searching for new and unique products to add to our range that are harmonised with current trends, whilst also recognising and respecting classic designs.  Yarn and Loom Rugs are proud to present a collection of rugs offered by no other online rug shop in Australia.

Our aim is to present to you a vast range of quality floor rugs in various colours, designs and sizes to ensure that you can find the perfect floor rug to help you achieve your dream home.

Thank-you for visiting Yarn and Loom Rugs and please contact us should you have any questions.