Yarn and Loom Rugs specialises in wool rugs.  Yarn and Loom believe in supplying a quality, beautiful product that not only looks good, but is also made from one of the most beautiful fibres in the world - wool. 

When buying a wool rug, you are getting substance in addition to style.


The wool fibre is exceptionally strong and durable.  Durability tests on wool fibres produce results whereby it takes more than 10,000 bends to break a wool fiber.  In comparison; silk can be bent 2,400 times before breakage and rayon/viscose performs the worst with a breakage occurring after 70 bends.


Wool is vibrant when dyed.  Wool is produced in a vast range of colours and it accepts and holds color amazingly well. 


Wool is naturally fire resistant and spill resistant.  Wool fibers won’t carry a flame and they self-extinguish; compared to some synthetic fibers that burn rapidly.  

Wool also has a natural moisture repellency meaning that when you spill something on your wool rug, the liquid will be suspended for a time before it soaks into the fibers.  However; when you do spill anything on your wool rug, if you blot it up quickly then there should be no stain on the rug.


Wool is a natural fibre and comes from sheep, which need to be raised and bred out in the countryside, and every year there is more fibers to sheer. It grows back. 

Synthetic fibers (acrylic, polypropylene etc) are petroleum-based products (plastic); and do not have the great look, feel, or strength as wool.


In summary, if you are looking for the choice that is a better product, and also better for the planet, then wool is the only choice.